Welcome to our High Fives! Stories Series - Innovative Young Professionals in GIS
Meet Dr. Anthony Robinson, who started managing Penn State's Online Geospatial Programs at age 30.  He continues to blaze a path in uncharted territory by leading one of the first Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Geography.  The five week course begins July 17th, 2013.
Anthony exploring Easter Island.

Silly Snafu

"I was about to give a software demo in front of everyone important in my field.  I began with a long intro about how, unlike other tools...mine actually worked.  Awkward silence filled the room as my computer crashed on the first screen.  We all waited patiently for my computer to restart, then it crashed AGAIN!  The demo never worked."

Claim to Fame

Jumping Out Moment

Deciding to become an academic:
"I came from a community where being an academic was like being an alien.  Growing up, I didn't see it as a possible future for me since I didn't have any tangible examples of success. I was inspired to pursue a PhD while getting my Masters Degree at Penn State."

Who Inspires You?

  • Cynthia Brewer: my confidant; "gut-checks" and career advice.
  • Alan MacEachren: how to innovate and lead research projects.
  • David DiBiase: how to empower teams and manage academic programs.
  • My Grandfather: how to analyze business challenges & read people.
By Rachel Kornak, GISP; based on a recent phone interview with Anthony Robinson.

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