By Sara Stokes, Assistant Instructor GEOG487, Penn State World Campus, Golden, Colorado
Embrace your earned them!
A career is much like a wool sock dragged through a field of grass seeds. The sock is your career path and the grass seeds are the tangible and intangible nuances experienced along the way. 

Age, therefore, is an asset; it is only through time that your sock can collect those valuable, and yet intangible sticky seeds. On a personal level, my career path has taken me through many a field. 

I launched my career as a field biologist, transitioned to working in small museums, then to legal marketing, and on to event coordinating. And not to be forgotten, the years I joyfully spent raising my three boys. It wasn’t until many years later that I met my GIS career pivoting opportunity. 
Two years ago, while working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, I was introduced to the concept of mapping, in particular, ArcGIS.  GIS inspired me, gave me direction. I was instantly captivated. I am convinced that my past experiences, those “worldly-wise” seeds, helped me successfully make the career jump. 

My work ethic; years of being a student, parent, and employee; and my constant desire to keep my career moving forward with state-of the-art skills, gave me the drive to successfully complete my Post Baccalaureate Certificate in GIS from Penn State University’s acclaimed World Campus program. 

As employment opportunities present themselves, I know that my sticky sock contains those intangible seeds to ensure that I am successful as I enter the GeoPivot stage of my career.


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